Class 950

Boat Class 950

The 950 boats derive from the dream of designing an oceanic boat that, at low cost, is larger than a 650, but smaller than a Class40. This was the dream of Jean Marie Vidal that in 2007 exposed the design of this boat.

There were some individual 950 constructions scattered around the world. In Europe some prototypes were built, the 950 is also the result of the experience of great naval architects of the caliber of Sam Manuard and Marc Lombard.

The Class 950 is new in the sailing scenario, with a young association of owners who love to sail and compete, in solid, performing and economically accessible boats, in the so-called “long” regattas that are becoming increasingly popular both in the Mediterranean like out of the strait. Among its main objectives is the development of nautical culture and the formation of sea crews capable of competing on par with the sailors of the most prominent maritime culture nations.

The ambition of the Class 950 is to build a state-of-the-art, eco-sustainable, performer and reliable boat that fits both in regattas and in training and enhancement of crews to navigate the Mediterranean and the Ocean.

Boat Class 950_12

Boat Class 950_12

Certainly, the Class 950 has a strong appeal to ship owners, regatta organizers, and last, but not least, to ocean captains and young people who want to get close to the high seas.

Bellow are some photos of the Class 950 boats that took part in some regattas in Europe.

Boat Class 950_05a

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