Presentation of the regatta Madeira 950 Open Race at VI International Congress of Sport and Sea at Funchal

Last October 27th, 2017, during the VI International Congress of Sport and Sea at the Madeira’s University, was presented the regatta “Madeira 950 Open Race”, a 3.000 miles competition which will leave from Livorno in June 2018, will reach Funchal in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean (“Returning Point”), and then returning to Italy at Livorno.

Presentation of the Regatta Madeira Race 950 Open Race at the VI International Congress of Sport and Sea in Funchal_01

Presentation of the Regatta Madeira Race 950 Open Race at the VI International Congress of Sport and Sea in Funchal_01

After the opening session made by Mrs. Mafalda Freitas, president of the CNF, where she presented the nautical events organized in 2017 and those scheduled for 2018, Mr. Luis Augusto Cordeiro – a member of the promoter committee – presented the course, participating boats and the general schedule of the regatta.

There are several obligatory “gates” and awards – on going’s route – such as those at Porquerolles Island (France Prize), at Majorca (Majorca Prize), at Gibraltar (Columns of Hercules Prize), on arrival at Funchal (Ocean Prize), and then returning to the Mediterranean in Ibiza (Ibiza Prize), at “Bocche di Bonifacio” Sardinia (Bonifacio Prize), finally arriving at Livorno with the Trophy Madeira 950 Open Race. The crews are made up of two sailors with the possibility of replacing (even more than once) one crew members at time. Moreover, it will be possible to do technical stops along the route in a total of 48 hours.

In addition to Class 950 fast boats, will also be eligible to participate in the regatta boats from 30 to 40 feet, where are invited the boats of the Class 40 and Sun Fast 3600 from the French yard Jeanneau. The whole fleet will need to keep their engines blocked (with a 24-hour penalty for those whom did not do it). Are eligible to participate only sailors who have at least 400 miles of sailing in official races and with ISAF course.

All details will be found in the race announcement that will be published at the end of November.

The regatta also aims to promote and spread the proper safety culture on board, as well as emergency prevention for those who navigate on long and difficult routes, and to sensitize sailors and navigators on environmental issues and marine protection.

The regatta also wants to be interactive and “social” with live web connections (audio and video, not just external messages) that allow dialogue with the community of those who are passionate or those interested that want to see through the eyes and the senses of the participants how is the experience of participating in such a competition.

Whoever wants to experience this long and fascinating adventure, come sail with us.

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Bellow some photos of the event.

Good winds

Team Madeira 950 Open Race

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